About Our Firm

The Beck Firm was started in 1856 when Erasmus W. Beck moved to Griffin.  He was a native of Henry County, “invalid” home from the Confederate Army and returned to his native McDonough and started to practice law.

In 1856, he moved to Griffin and continued to practice law.  He was elected Solicitor General of the Flint Council and the 42nd United States Congress.  He practiced law in Griffin until his death in 1898.

Erasmus W. Beck had 3 sons:  William H. Beck, Erasmus W. Beck, Jr., and Lewis H. Beck.  Only William followed into the practice of law.

William Beck was admitted to the Bar in 1897 and practiced by himself although in office of Robert T. Daniel.  He practiced by himself until 1922 when his son, William Beck, Jr. joined him and the firm became known as Beck and Beck.  This continued until 1930 when Lucian P. Goodrich joined them and the firm became known as Beck, Goodrich, and Beck.

In 1954, John H. Goddard and Robert H. Smalley joined the firm, became Beck, Goodrich, Goddard and Smalley.  In November 1959, J.C. Owen joined the firm.

John Cogburn later came into the office in September of 1969, Smalley and Cogburn withdrew and formed their own law firm.  When Smalley & Cogburn withdrew the firm became known as Beck, Goddard, Owen and Murray.  Murray had joined the firm in 1964 or 1965.

Beck retired from active practice in 1970, was retained “of council” and the firm continued under the name of Beck, Goddard, Owen and Murray.

James R. Fortune, Jr. joined the firm in 1971; Richard L. Collier in November 1973; W. Fletcher Sams, November 1, 1982.

After Judge Goddard’s death, the name was changed to Beck, Owen and Murray, and continues that way today.