COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 is a virus that is infecting people around the world, the most affected are the older adults and people with a medical condition, this group needs to be at home to avoid getting infected, investigate this site to learn which are the special needs and cares they will required during this pandemic.

Beck, Owen & Murray is currently open for business by appointment only, we discover the best house cleaning dublin which is helping us to ensure that your everything is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. If you need an appointment, please call (770) 227-400 or email us to schedule.  Some members of our staff are working remotely, but we will make every effort to schedule your appointment as quickly as possible.  Many tasks can be completed or initiated by email and/or telephone communication.  You CAN send a text to (770) 227-4000. This is the general text messaging center for Beck, Owen and Murray, so please address your text to the party you are trying to reach if you utilize this option.

We can also video conference for your convenience.

We are concerned for your safety as well as the safety of our attorneys and staff.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


Real Estate Transactions:

Beck, Owen & Murray is a real estate closing law firm providing settlement services, which has been defined as an integral piece of the financial services sector identified as Critical Infrastructure Sector by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven T. Mnuchin.  The DHS guidance dated March 19, 2020 states that employees are expected to maintain their operations and work schedules. In his March 24, 2020 statement, Secretary Mnuchin said “The American people need access to financial sector services, and State and local governments must ensure the continuity of critical financial sector functions.  Everyone should follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as State and local officials regarding strategies to limit disease spread.  We are dedicated to working closely with the financial services sector to ensure the safety of the workforce and continuity of operations to support our Nation’s economy and all hardworking Americans.”

The continuation of business in residential and commercial real estate is essential to the economy of our country during this time. When our friends and neighbors are forced to close businesses, lay off employees and enact other extreme cost cutting measures, it is imperative that we to do our part to keep our economy going.

The Governor has also allowed for real estate closings to be conducted by an attorney via real time video conference, and we are now temporarily allowed to witness and notarize documents remotely. It is important to note that neither of these orders allow for e-signing documents. Original, wet-signed documents will still be necessary to complete the closing, fund and disburse. Also, notarization by videoconference is only allowed for parties in the State of Georgia. A Georgia notary CANNOT notarize a document via video conference for a party who is signing in another state. While closing via video conference sounds great, its practical application is neither easy nor quick. Closing attorneys must comply with guidance from lenders, title insurance companies and the State Bar of Georgia. Your closing may not be eligible for video conference closing. Some lenders are not allowing this process due to issues with the sale of the loan after closing. We are doing everything we can to keep closings moving along as quickly and seamlessly as possible, but delays can be expected as every piece of the closing process is now taking a little longer to accomplish. Many record rooms in the state are limiting access to the public, including title examiners.  We at Beck, Owen & Murray are all doing our best to maintain appropriate social distancing, disinfect surfaces between closings, limit the parties in the room to those essential for the transaction, removing extra pens, paper, reading glasses and yes even candy from the table, and even doing the closing in the parking lot! In situations where video conference closings are allowed, we will work with you to make the process as easy as possible.

We at Beck, Owen & Murray are here to answer questions and assist you in any way we can. Email and text are currently the best ways to contact our office.  You CAN send a text to (770) 227-4000. This is a general text messaging center for Beck, Owen and Murray, so please address your text to the party you are trying to reach if you utilize this option.


Additional information regarding real estate closings:

In keeping with the constantly evolving guidance from our national, state and local governing bodies we are doing our best to practice appropriate levels of hygiene and social distancing in our office.  While it is difficult to maintain a distance of 6 feet apart in a closing, we do want to limit the number of people in our conference rooms and lobby as best we can.

  • Upon request, and if available, we will deliver closing documents for your review prior to closing.  While we do not always have closing packages early, if we do, we can send those to you electronically for your review.  This will assist in limiting your time in our office.
  • We will make every effort to sign buyers and sellers in separate conference rooms upon request, and also to limit your time in our lobby area.
  • We will continually clean our lobby and conference rooms throughout the day and between closings.
  • If you are in a high-risk category and are not comfortable coming to closing, please let us know immediately.  We can prepare a Power of Attorney allowing a trusted agent, friend or family member to sign on your behalf.
  • If you are sick, we ask that you please stay home.
  • We are limiting closings to essential parties only.  Your Realtor will be in contact with you prior to closing to answer any questions you have, and we will contact them after closing to provide their documents and commission checks.  Friends and family members not involved in the transaction are asked not to attend closing.

Thus far our closing schedule has not been impacted by courthouse closures.  Beck, Owen & Murray has been E-recording in the counties that allow it for more than a year now, and nearly all of the counties surrounding us offer E-recording.  Our title insurance company is making concessions for issues that may arise with recording during this time.

If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate unfamiliar terrain.




Real Estate Closings:

To Lenders, Realtors®, Buyers and Sellers:

You may send contracts and title orders to us at  You may also address inquires regarding a closing to that email address.